Climate Controlled Storage Redwood City

Climate Controlled Storage Redwood City

A lot can happen to your items as they sit in a storage facility for months. A buildup of moisture and extreme temperature are of the most profound concern to most people. Most people will opt for a climate-controlled storage facility that keeps a steady temperature and humidity level. Do not ask an outdoor storage facility about this feature because it is only familiar in indoor environments.

An increase in humidity and heat automatically increases the moisture in the room. Meanwhile, keeping both at a steady level will ensure the humidity content is just right for the survivability of all items.

What can you store in a climate-controlled unit?

The more delicate items should have the highest consideration for these climate-controlled spaces. These items may include:

  • Documents or paper properties like books
  • Electronics
  • Wine
  • Wooden pieces
  • Vehicles
  • Leather properties
  • Some type of art
  • Medical kits and medications

How is a climate-controlled facility better?

Temperatures can rise to higher than 100 degrees in summer and drop below the zero marks in winter. A climate with drastic temperature differences will have a notable effect on sensitive items. Our controlled units will sustain consistent temperatures throughout the year.

Excellent air quality

Most people overlook the air quality because they place the highest priority on the size and security of the facility. The climate-controlled unit is excellent for keeping a continuous circulation of air. The best facility will not have to open windows and doors throughout the day just to maintain clean air in the atmosphere. We have advanced technology to ensure the protection of electronics, documents, and other high priority items.

Dust barrier

The climate-controlled storage in Redwood City adds a barrier against dust and debris. You will find all your items in their original state even if you stay them for years or an entire decade. The absence of dust and dirt also eliminates the chances of rodents and insects invading your property. 


Climate-controlled storage can be cheaper than the traditional storage unit. The added cost is very minimal and does not overshadow the peace of mind you will get from knowing you have long-term protection in all seasonal changes.

How can you maximize the climate-controlled storage unit in Redwood City?

Packing is the inevitable process of storing your items.

  • You should pack your boxes by stacking them well to maximize the space.
  • Use medium boxes that will fit everyday items, and do not forget to place the most substantial items at the bottom.
  • You can increase the chances of protecting your items from moisture by using a moisture absorbent liner at the bottom and sides of the box.
  • The box also needs a firm and dry foundation to prevent moisture absorption from the floor. You can use a pallet bed or trap that will keep them firmly dry on the foundation.
  • Cover all disassembled furniture with a protective sheet or tarp

The easiest packing hack is to get a professional to pack your items, or use our sizing guide to find the most suitable packing setting. We have a reasonably priced storage unit that will produce the best results. Contact us for a more specific guide for your storage needs by calling 650-367-0525.


Climate Controlled Storage Redwood City

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